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Heroes Geek:

For The Most Dedicated Among Us.

HEROES Geek: For The Most Dedicated Among Us
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NBC's HEROES: For The Most Dedicated Among Us.

Hello. The purpose of this community is to give people a place in which they can discuss the show HEROES and the ARG associated with this show with a bit more depth. Some of us out there like to take the show a bit more seriously at times, and I want to provide a place dedicated to the more serious debates. Whether you'd like to discuss what religious connotations might be behind the show or the possibility that some "heroes" might actually exist in the world, everything is welcome here. The point here is to really get into the show and not worry about people telling you to not take it so seriously. There are times when you just can't help but get into it. That's why we're here.

The following are just a few rules to keep this community free of conflict.

1) A "spoiler" is some piece of information from the current week's episode (from air date to the day before the next week's episode) or any future episode that people might not know yet for some reason (e.g. they're in a different time zone, they don't read spoiler sites, etc.). I must insist that you put any spoiler information under a Live Journal Cut and make perfectly clear that there is some piece of spoiler information under that cut. If you don't do this, I will warn you to put the information behind a cut. If you fail to put it behind a cut after I warn you, then I'll delete your post and tell you to repost when you've learned how to make a LJ cut.

2) The sharing of any show related icon or graphic is quite welcome. I just ask that they actually be related to the show (show, actors, comic art, etc.) and anything exceeding three icon-sized graphics be put under a Live Journal Cut. This is a fairly basic rule around Live Journal, because not all of us have access to the most brilliant internet connection 24/7. Feel free to post them at heroes_icons or heroes_graphics, also.

3) This community, while a general community dedicated to the shared love of HEROES, is intended to be held at a slightly higher standard. It is intended mainly for discussion of the HEROES show and HEROES ARG world. General discussion of the show is more than welcome, like I said, but the point is to take that kind of discussion to the next level...not down a notch. If you want to post something ridiculously fangirlish OR fanboyish, please go to some other community OR the NBC.com message board. I will likely ban you for repeated violation of this rule. The point here is to get a bit more intellectual or obsessive about the show, if you will, while killing time until the next episode.

4) It's difficult coming up with a rule that will cover everything when talking about community advertising. If you're creating another community, just be polite and ask me before you post something about it here (unless you're doing an icon post and you just link said post to your own graphics community, which is always OK if you make the post about the icons and not the community). The general rule is that you NEVER advertise a community unless it's about HEROES in some way. Otherwise, I would ask you just to e-mail me or comment at my personal journal about advertising before you do it. I will delete something if I think it's irrelevant or uncalled for, so asking is a good thing.

5) The point of this community is to facilitate some friendly debate. The key is to keep everything civil and not begin insulting each other over some opinion about the show. That isn't dedication...it's mostly just immature. Don't personally insult another user. Don't go spam their personal journal. Don't get upset because they present a good argument. I will ban you so fast here for disturbing the peace that you won't know what hit you. I don't like irrational people, so if you get irrational and start insulting people here, expect to be banned for life. I might give you one warning, but I wouldn't expect too much if I were you. Just be civil.

Don't forget to watch HEROES at 9 PM every Monday on NBC. The second season premiere is Monday, Sept. 24. Don't miss it.

And don't forget to watch out for the spin-off, HEROES: Origins, during the winter hiatus.

Questions, comments, complaints, and concerns should be sent to the e-mail address listed above.

MODERATOR: the_dark_side